Jiacheng (Jacky) Wang

I am currently a third-year PhD student in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, where my research is guided by a distinguished panel of supervisors:Dr. Ipek Oguz, Dr. Yuankai (Kenny) Tao, and Dr. Francesca Bagnato. As a member of the MedICL, Bagnato Lab, and VISE research groups, I am deeply engaged in cutting-edge studies at the intersection of ML/DL and medicine. My prior experiences include collaborations with Dr. Yu-Shin Ding at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine and Dr. H. Jonathan Chao at NYU CATT. Additionally, I have had the valuable opportunity to work at the Columbia University Medical Center/NYSPI under the mentorship of Dr. Yunsuo Duan and Dr. Tommy Vaughan.

I am deeply engaged in exploring the realms of self and semi-supervised learning within machine and deep learning, specifically tailored to the field of medical imaging. My focus is on advancing generative models capable of effectively learning from imperfect datasets characterized by limited and noisy data. I bring extensive experience in various imaging modalities, including neuroimaging with a focus on multiple sclerosis, PET imaging, and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) images.

you can find my CV here: CV

I enjoyed a great time playing tennis, poker and skiing apart from my research. And I have a handsome black Shiba-Inu – Mochi.

I am looking for intern positions starting from Summer 2024.


  • [11/2023] Our work in novel image mosaciking is on Arxiv

  • [07/2023] Our work on brain tissue inpainting presented at MIDL 2023 with video


  • Guest Lectures of CS graduate course (CS-8395 Open Source Programming for Medical Image Processing), 22/23. tl;dr: Checkout the synthetic registration on monai notebook

  • Reviewer for MICCAI, ISBI, MIDL

  • TA courses:

    1. Graduate-level Machine Learning/Deep learning at NYU, VU;
    2. Graduate-level Medical Image Analysis at NYUMC, VU.